Saturday, 27 October 2012

Vintage inspired Apron Last year I did a sneeky course on printing, I enjoyed it alot. We took things like that funky foam (that you never know what to do with) and made printing blocks with it. It was a 50s-60s inspired course, hence all the flowery poweryness.
The thing is you can print with almost anything, some people printed with bubble wrap and bottle lids, while other used lino to carve their own. We had to design the fabric ourselves and make it into some vintage inspired item. I thought my naturally lent itself to an apron and volia! ( and lot of hours of working out how an apron should look and it was make).
I added extra non vintage items, because its my apron and I can what I want, so there :-P I made a flower and pocket with a printed pear detail. In all very please with the out come, I still hope to line the back as it looks a little less professional than I hoped.
I hope you are inspired to have ago, it is great fun. Sus x