Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Whooo gives a hooot?

I was inspired to make a cute cuddly owl. My cupboard door in the hall is soooo rebelious, as it opens when it wants to (nothing to do with the stuff in the cupboard packed to capacity, obviously!!) I decided what I needed was a doorstop and an Owl would be nice to look at.

It was so easy to make, you use just two pieces of material, one slightly large than the other in a semi circle with a pointed top bit (which form the owlies beak ;-) I added some quilted wings because Husbee (my husband) suggested it (and I have to agree, it looks better with them...clever old husbee :-)

I made big Al a friend so they could make sure the hallway cupboard door stays shut (and so he has company and someone to gossip with)

Enjoy Sus x

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