Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Notice Board

At last I have gotten around to making my own Noticeboard, like my friend Vicky made. She told me how to do it, it then took another 6 weeks plus for it to be process in my brain and then voila!. ( I just couldn't decided what fabric to use, you know the problem too many nice pieces of fabric, which do I use!!!!????)

I really love how it has turned out, I wanted some red on it, as our kitchen has colour accents of this colour. The fabric I used in the end I have had for years and bought a tiny piece of it because I loved it soooo much and that was all I could afford. So I glad I was able to do something special with it, at last :-)

If you want to make you own, all you will need is a corkboard or artist cavas, thinkish wadding (not too thick if you plan to use tacks or drawing pins in it), fabric of you choice (good luck choosing) and some ribbons. The wadding is then staple gunned to the board (or cavas), then same with the fabric. I pinned my ribbons into place first, then stapled them on when I was happy (tra la la) and if you wish put some buttons on, sew or glue them on to finish.

Enjoy Sus x

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