Monday, 11 April 2011

My top 5 tips to getting great cakes

Here are my top 5 tips to getting great cakes, although I am not an expert, these seem to work for me.

1) Always line the cake tin with greaseproof paper, this will stop any sticking and the cakes seems to turn out better. (wait until the cake has cooled before trying to remove the paper)

2) To flavour your cake, use a sugar syrup to get some more interesting combinations.
To make a sugar syrup simple melt some sugar in a saucepan and add mint, green tea or orange blossom water or whatever you fancy trying and brushing the whole cake with it.

3) You can freeze your cakes for up to a couple of months before needed. After baking, leave to cool and then wrap in cling film and into the freezer it goes. I tend to freeze my cakes even if I am using that day or the next, because it easier to handle, especially if its a bit of a crumbly.

4) Freezing also helps with the crumb coating, this a coating of butter icing that is smoothed onto the cake to prevent crumbs getting into the top icing and give you a better finish. I smooth on the icing and using a piece of paper I remove the excess, then place the cake in the fridge for 20mins-1 hour. Repeat process if required.

5) Using a cake smoother or polisher is great for when you are putting on roll on. It smoothes out bubbles and creases (pictures behind the cake)

...and give a professional finish.

Enjoy Sus x

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