Tuesday, 8 March 2011

I have just finished making this cute little storage tin, and thought you might like to see it. It was ment to be a quick project but it took ages, mainly because 'zippy' refused to do any proper stitching today. Had I known this little machine was going to be soooo tempermental I would have called it Zippinina, as I think he might be a she. Anyway for whatever reason and it could of course had nothing to do me, but I end up hand sewing most of it. As you can see I could not resist embellishing it with one my flowers.

All I used was an old baked beans can (washed out of course, beans should not be mixed in with scissors for health safety reasons;-) A rectangle piece of scrap fabric, hemmmed each long side (zippy managed to that for me at least). Cut out a heart from another piece of scrap fabric, made a little flowers, sewed it on with a choice button and pinned and sewed the rectangle to form a tube and hey presto, bobs not your uncle,you have a storage solution.

Enjoy Sus x


  1. it's adorable! love the fabrics and colors!!

    1. Thanks Sandy that means alot, I Love your blog.