Saturday, 27 October 2012

Vintage inspired Apron Last year I did a sneeky course on printing, I enjoyed it alot. We took things like that funky foam (that you never know what to do with) and made printing blocks with it. It was a 50s-60s inspired course, hence all the flowery poweryness.
The thing is you can print with almost anything, some people printed with bubble wrap and bottle lids, while other used lino to carve their own. We had to design the fabric ourselves and make it into some vintage inspired item. I thought my naturally lent itself to an apron and volia! ( and lot of hours of working out how an apron should look and it was make).
I added extra non vintage items, because its my apron and I can what I want, so there :-P I made a flower and pocket with a printed pear detail. In all very please with the out come, I still hope to line the back as it looks a little less professional than I hoped.
I hope you are inspired to have ago, it is great fun. Sus x

Friday, 10 February 2012

Husbee has got a brand new Kindle cover

Hello, I have been sooooo busy that it has been ages since my last blog :-(

I thought you might like to see the kindle cover I made Husbee for his birthday. It didn't cost me a penny (which could sound stingey or thifty), but it did take a long time to make. All the materials I had or was given. Even the card that forms the cover was from packaging from our new sofa.

Inside the cover there is a pocket that a phone can be put and the kindle nests neatly to the right, snug as a bug.

I designed the cover so it can be folded back on itself and this forms a stand, in doing so the Kindle can be read hands free. This allows Husbee to use his hands for putting chocolates in his or my mouth :-)

I Sewed a pocket all along the front and back of the cover so that cables, phones or sweets can be kept close to hand.

Although there are many designs on the web for such a cover, in the end I designed my own and after weeks of work and much head scratching it was finished, Hurray!

Enjoy Sus x

Monday, 11 April 2011

My top 5 tips to getting great cakes

Here are my top 5 tips to getting great cakes, although I am not an expert, these seem to work for me.

1) Always line the cake tin with greaseproof paper, this will stop any sticking and the cakes seems to turn out better. (wait until the cake has cooled before trying to remove the paper)

2) To flavour your cake, use a sugar syrup to get some more interesting combinations.
To make a sugar syrup simple melt some sugar in a saucepan and add mint, green tea or orange blossom water or whatever you fancy trying and brushing the whole cake with it.

3) You can freeze your cakes for up to a couple of months before needed. After baking, leave to cool and then wrap in cling film and into the freezer it goes. I tend to freeze my cakes even if I am using that day or the next, because it easier to handle, especially if its a bit of a crumbly.

4) Freezing also helps with the crumb coating, this a coating of butter icing that is smoothed onto the cake to prevent crumbs getting into the top icing and give you a better finish. I smooth on the icing and using a piece of paper I remove the excess, then place the cake in the fridge for 20mins-1 hour. Repeat process if required.

5) Using a cake smoother or polisher is great for when you are putting on roll on. It smoothes out bubbles and creases (pictures behind the cake)

...and give a professional finish.

Enjoy Sus x

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Whooo gives a hooot?

I was inspired to make a cute cuddly owl. My cupboard door in the hall is soooo rebelious, as it opens when it wants to (nothing to do with the stuff in the cupboard packed to capacity, obviously!!) I decided what I needed was a doorstop and an Owl would be nice to look at.

It was so easy to make, you use just two pieces of material, one slightly large than the other in a semi circle with a pointed top bit (which form the owlies beak ;-) I added some quilted wings because Husbee (my husband) suggested it (and I have to agree, it looks better with them...clever old husbee :-)

I made big Al a friend so they could make sure the hallway cupboard door stays shut (and so he has company and someone to gossip with)

Enjoy Sus x

Notice Board

At last I have gotten around to making my own Noticeboard, like my friend Vicky made. She told me how to do it, it then took another 6 weeks plus for it to be process in my brain and then voila!. ( I just couldn't decided what fabric to use, you know the problem too many nice pieces of fabric, which do I use!!!!????)

I really love how it has turned out, I wanted some red on it, as our kitchen has colour accents of this colour. The fabric I used in the end I have had for years and bought a tiny piece of it because I loved it soooo much and that was all I could afford. So I glad I was able to do something special with it, at last :-)

If you want to make you own, all you will need is a corkboard or artist cavas, thinkish wadding (not too thick if you plan to use tacks or drawing pins in it), fabric of you choice (good luck choosing) and some ribbons. The wadding is then staple gunned to the board (or cavas), then same with the fabric. I pinned my ribbons into place first, then stapled them on when I was happy (tra la la) and if you wish put some buttons on, sew or glue them on to finish.

Enjoy Sus x

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

I have just finished making this cute little storage tin, and thought you might like to see it. It was ment to be a quick project but it took ages, mainly because 'zippy' refused to do any proper stitching today. Had I known this little machine was going to be soooo tempermental I would have called it Zippinina, as I think he might be a she. Anyway for whatever reason and it could of course had nothing to do me, but I end up hand sewing most of it. As you can see I could not resist embellishing it with one my flowers.

All I used was an old baked beans can (washed out of course, beans should not be mixed in with scissors for health safety reasons;-) A rectangle piece of scrap fabric, hemmmed each long side (zippy managed to that for me at least). Cut out a heart from another piece of scrap fabric, made a little flowers, sewed it on with a choice button and pinned and sewed the rectangle to form a tube and hey presto, bobs not your uncle,you have a storage solution.

Enjoy Sus x

Monday, 28 February 2011

Eleanors Apron

Having a brand new sewing machine (it's new, but I've had it for a few weeks now) I am keen make anything and try new crafts. Normally I don't make presents for every tom, dick or eleanor, but I couldn't resist getting out zippy. He loves it when I get him out to play.

This sweet apron was inspired by one in Cath Kidstons 'Sew' book. I told you I could never resist putting my little flowers on everything. It might have to be removed when the apron is washed, oh well I just the designer, practical is not really in my nature.

It's a very nice project for beginners (like me) and children too. I got to use bias tape for the first time (actually I didn't really know what it was until I had to order it. (blush)

I had fun with this apron, why not give it a go :-)
Enjoy Sus x